Cheers fellow gamers. by NegaGamer in gaming

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I’ve been really enjoying in. I hope they give it an update though because I can’t stay in an Online game. but local is fun

I've really enjoyed the series by [deleted] in gaming

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we should set up a day where the GTA V servers go silent. until that game stops making money GTA VI will never be a priority.

One of my favourite images of Korra by AJ_Swift in TheLastAirbender

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I wish I knew how to draw in this art style because I agree it’s awesome

Cant find Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game on the PS5 store? by Stuffzy in PS5

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also east coast here, thanks! also same gonna be my first time playing it, enjoy!

Ps5 Digital vs PS5 Disc Edition by Silent-Philosopher in PS5

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better to have disc version and not need it than the other way around

I am watching you Ubisoft by CombatWombat116 in gaming

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could they really be that much worse than EA?

Does anyone know what game is this from ? by [deleted] in gaming

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ghost of tsushima (players choice of the year)

A super rare game by [deleted] in gaming

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biggest flop ever. way overhyped and super short.

AYOO I KNEW IT WAS FROM BLUE BIRD!!! by [deleted] in Boruto

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I like how they have kawaki as naruto. it’s makes for an interesting dynamic for the story

Everybody's a critic by [deleted] in gaming

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you can enjoy bad games. I’ve played terrible games with friends that we’ve made fun

How old are you? To prove a point to someone by Avillogy in Naruto

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you could’ve made it 18+ and it would’ve still have more votes than under 18

Also Nintendo EAD by [deleted] in gaming

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yea CDPR is super respected now... oh wait..

Is Kawaki holding a sage of 6 paths staff? The same one Naruto is seen using. by Glemzi in Boruto

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so he was in a situation where he had to use them but doesn’t have a scratch on him? seems like a bit of a stretch